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Rosary for Vocations (Lincoln Diocese) Rosary for Vocations (Omaha Archdiocese) 25 Favorite Lullaby Songs: VeggieTales (2009)
Lincoln Diocese Omaha Archdiocese Count the sheep and fall asleep with Bob and Larry’s sleepy-time tunes featuring songs like Rock A Bye Baby, He's Got the Whole World In His Hands, Itsy Bitsy Spider, This Little Light of Mine and many more!
Noël Sing Your Prayers Echoes (Standard Edition CD)
Gloria Deo Price: $7.98
Sing Your Prayers
Gloria Deo Price: $7.99
Echoes (Standard Edition CD)
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.99
Savings: $2.00
Vocalist Josh Groban delivers his first Christmas themed album with 2007's Noël. The popular Nashville singer presents a unique new musical and spiritual recording of beloved Catholic prayers with lovely, easy to learn melodies. Turn down the noise and lift up your heart! On the way to work, driving the kids to school, or anywhere, these sung prayers are a simple, beautiful way to learn traditional prayers. Listen, sing along and let them echo throughout your day. Sixteen well-known prayers include The Morning Offering, Angel of God, Hail Mary, Our Father, St. Michael the Archangel, Memorare, Apostles’ Creed, Come Holy Spirit, and eight more. Release date: Sept. 29, 2017
Priests, The Saints and Sinners Requiem
Priests, The
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
Saints and Sinners
Gloria Deo Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $2.00
Gloria Deo Price: $11.99
This stunning new album by three Irish priests has become an instant best-seller. The Priests are accompanied by a full orchestra and choir, and sing some of the world's best loved spiritual songs, delivering inspiring and uplifting performances that will have a wide appeal. Saints and Sinners, the newest release from award-winning artist Matt Maher, is a collection of songs aimed at the heart of the church. Be transported throughout ancient history to all regions of the world with this beautiful and unique presentation of Requiem from The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

With the exceptional art form of Gregorian chant, this recording has a mystical quality. With an ethos reflecting a time of sadness, representing that period of mourning inherent in the Requiem, this recording also simultaneously inspires a certain hope, a calmness and prayer, striking a glorious balance through the gift of poetic song.

This unique recording contains 20 different track of sublime treasures, mostly Gregorian chant, and the album concludes with polyphonic motets striking just the right ending accent.
Pray-Along Rosary Including the Mys Empty and Beautiful I Dreamed A Dream
Pray-Along Rosary Including the Mys
Gloria Deo Price: $12.95
Empty and Beautiful
Gloria Deo Price: $12.98
I Dreamed A Dream
Gloria Deo Price: $12.99
Cohen, Sheldon On Empty & Beautiful, Maher breaks open the two simple words in the title, through songs that are both corporate and reflective; driving and soft; each one telling the story from a different perspective. The debut album from the British singing sensation who stunned the judges, audience and TV world, coming out of nowhere to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” with a powerfully moving rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables.
Gift, The Casting Crowns Alive Again
Gift, The
Gloria Deo Price: $12.99
Casting Crowns
Gloria Deo Price: $12.99
Alive Again
Gloria Deo Price: $12.99
Susan Boyle's Christmas album is one that combines traditional hymns with some personal favorites that showcase her glorious voice, including Away in a Manger, O Come All Ye Faithful, Perfect Day, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Hallelujah, O Holy Night, The First Noel and more. Casting Crowns features ten tracks aimed at encouraging and challenging the body of Christ. "If We Are the Body" examines the inner circles within churches that can leave newcomers feeling unwelcome, while "Voice of Truth" speaks of obeying God despite fear. Additional songs include "Who Am I" and "What If His People Prayed." Alive Again captures the penetrating spirit and charisma Matt Maher's worship songs have become known for in a live setting. This compelling, 12-track journey he hopes will lead people, "back to their own hearts" and "prompt listeners to stop and ask some tough questions about who they are and where they are letting God maneuver in their hearts. And in doing that, experience the heart of the passion, death and resurrection."
Echoes (Deluxe Edition CD) Rosary , The : Including the Myster Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song , T
Echoes (Deluxe Edition CD)
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $13.49
Savings: $1.50
Rosary , The : Including the Myster
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song , T
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
Release date: Sept. 29, 2017 Cohen, Sheldon Short, Trish
Divine Mercy Prayers Love In Between, The Jerusalem
Divine Mercy Prayers
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
Love In Between, The
Gloria Deo Price: $14.98
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Gibson, Donna Critically acclaimed Catholic singer/songwriter/worship leader Matt Maher shares the depths of suffering, grace, redemption, and hope---all wrapped in his trademark "blue collar gospel" sound! Jerusalem is a combination of meditative, upbeat and gospel melodies. It shows Ellen Soukup's versatility and range as listeners feel drawn closer to Christ. The songs were inspired by Ellen's personal experiences and her willingness to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Table of Plenty Noël	(2010) THY WILL BE DONE
Table of Plenty
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Noël (2010)
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Join John Michael Talbot for a musical feast that will satisfy the deepest longings of your soul! Gleaned from the music written in response to the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, these contemporary Catholic worship songs will speak to the hearts and refresh the spirits of all Christians. The scriptural lyrics and flowing melodies of "Be Not Afraid", "Glory and Praise to Our God", the title track, and other songs of praise powerfully remind us that "We Are One Body" in Christ! After selling over three million copies of their first two albums, the Priests turned their focus to the winter holidays. Noël finds the ministers harmonizing their way through a number of Christmas standards, with an emphasis on traditional carols. Ellen
Truth is There , The Complete Rosary including the Mysteries of Light, The Sing of Mary (2000)
Truth is There , The
Gloria Deo Price: $14.99
Sing of Mary (2000)
Gloria Deo Price: $15.99
Ellen Pope John Paul II declared 2003 the Year of the Rosary and announced a new set of decades to meditate on while praying the Rosary, the Luminous mysteries, also known as the Mysteries of Light. This 2-disc CD contains all 20 mysteries, each preceded by a scripture meditation or short reflection, with instrumental background by David Phillips. One verse of a hymn is sung at the conclusion of each decade. Following the Rosary is medley of cherished Marian hymns. Sing of Mary is a collection of eleven favorite Marian songs, some centuries old, some from the present day.  The styles are varied, ranging from pop to classical to Gregorian chant.  Gretchen Harris has always had a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother, and while on pilgrimage in 1991, she received a special sign calling her to sing songs of Mary.  The CD was nominated for "Praise and Worship Album of the Year" by the United Catholic Music and Video Association.
ROSARY AND THE CHAPLET OF DIVINE ME Complete Still Waters Rosary , The Lean Into the Wind
Gloria Deo Price: $15.99
Complete Still Waters Rosary , The
Gloria Deo Price: $15.99
Lean Into the Wind
Gloria Deo Price: $15.99

The prayers are led by Fr. Dan Papineau with Vinny Flynn and his Still Waters family ministry. Colleen Free begins the Rosary with a beautiful recitation of the Memorare and introduces each decade of the Chaplet with an incredibly moving meditation on the Passion from the Diary of Saint Faustina (guaranteed to touch your heart and soul).

The gentleness of the voices and the soft instrumental music in the background create a wonderful atmosphere of quiet prayer. A perfect album to help you pray the Rosary and the Chaplet on a regular basis, at home, or in your car.

40 minutes run time.
Flynn, Vinny

Featuring all the short versions from each CD of the beloved Gospel Rosary, this compilation has been edited and remastered to fit on a single CD! It includes a brief meditation on each of the 20 mysteries, with the same unhurried recitation and instrumental background music that have helped make the Gospel Rosary so popular.

75 minutes.
The beloved Carmelite Sisters of Alhambra present a beautiful collection of sixteen chamber hymns. Their inspiring voices and rich harmonies are joined by top notch musicians, who excel on this recording, in support of songs of praise of God sung with unalloyed joy and a sweetness. The 16 hymns include some traditional as well as original songs composed by the gifted Carmelites.