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Last Things, The: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell Vatican, The: A Hidden World 7 Secrets of the Eucharist - DVD
Vatican, The: A Hidden World
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
7 Secrets of the Eucharist - DVD
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
This film presents the reality of death and what will follow for every person: first the particular Judgment before God, then Heaven or Hell as our destination for all eternity. The Catholic teaching on Purgatory is also explained, giving examples from the Scriptures and philosophy. This documentary film provides insight into the universe of the Vatican, whose everyday life is subject to coordination by everyday people. Over the period of a year, the film-team enjoyed extraordinary access to the Vatican. Thus, fascinating personal vignettes have emerged alongside unique images that portray the Vatican in a completely new light. By Vinny Flynn

Based on his best-selling book of the same name, author and conference speaker Vinny Flynn presents a powerful talk on the Eucharist with startling insights that can change our lives. Discover the “hidden” truths of the Holy Eucharist, that have always been embraced by theologians, saints, and mystics, now finally made understandable to all. This exciting presentation will forever change your view of the Eucharist. Includes 2 bonus secrets not found in the book.
Seven Deadly Sins , Seven Lively Vi Faith Clips: 50 Theological and Spiritual Questions about the Catholic Faith (DVD) No Turning Back: Confessions of a Catholic Priest
Seven Deadly Sins , Seven Lively Vi
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
Barron, Robert Join Fr. Robert Barron as he answers 50 frequently asked questions about the Catholic faith on a diverse range of topics from God, Jesus and the Trinity to the sacraments, prayer and the spiritual life. What does it take to transform a die-hard agnostic into a fervent apostle of Christ? How does God's grace literally transform hearts - one step at a time? In this amazing new conversion testimony No Turning Back, you'll literally be on the edge of your seat as a former "Deadhead" and drug-addict candidly shares how he was unexpectedly led to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually into a Roman collar as an ordained priest.

An incredible odyssey of faith, Fr. Donald Calloway's radical conversion can be compared to that of a modern St. Augustine as chronicled in his famous Confessions.
Changing Sides: How a Pro-life Presence Changed the Heart of a Planned Parenthood Director (2011) Gifts from God: The Papacy and Confession (2011) Blood Money: The Business of Abortion (2010)
Can hearts really be changed on the issue of abortion?

This film tells the powerful true story of the conversion of a dedicated Planned Parenthood director to a leading Pro-life Activist. Abby Johnson was the director of the abortion facility that was the launching pad of the bold new pro-life effort - 40 Days for Life.
This new DVD has two excellent documentary films, one on the papacy titled Keys of the Kingdom: Understanding the Papacy, and the other titled Confession: The Forgotten Sacrament. Both films feature expert priests and theologians presenting in-depth commentary on these two sublime spiritual gifts from God to humanity through the Church, revealing the powerful spiritual significance of the papacy and confession for Catholics. Blood Money is a documentary film narrated by Dr. Alveda King, which exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro Life perspective. The film examines the history of abortion in America.
Fatima Cosmic Origins: The Scientific Evidence for Creation Testament of Mother Teresa, The (1996)
Gloria Deo Price: $19.95
Cosmic Origins explains what we know about the beginning and nature of the universe, as well as its transcendent implications in clear, easy-to-understand terms. The film weaves together a compelling narrative from academics and credentialed scientists pointing toward a very Christian understanding of how the universe came to exist. The Testament of Mother Teresa is the film record of an historic interview, filmed just months before Mother Teresa's death, which contains her thoughts and views on many important subjects.
Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies Life After Abortion Symbolon Part I: Knowing the Faith: Participant's Guide
Life After Abortion
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open once hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly's life-cycle. From an egg the size of a pinhead to a magnificent flying insect. It is a transformation so incredible biologists have called it "butterfly magic." The untold story from the other victims of abortion. Countless women (and men) have been overwhelmed by post abortion trauma, resulting in fear, anxiety, pain, and guilt. Many suffer in silence for years, even decades after they realize the full toll of their choice. While numerous civic organizations and local churches offer outreach ministries that meet the need of many in crises, a relatively few help women cope with life in the emotionally destructive aftermath of abortion. Go beyond the rhetoric and take a 360 degree look at unplanned pregnancies as told by the women who experienced them. From desperation to devastation to deliverance, Life After Abortion takes an honest look at the undeniable impact abortion has had on real people. Hosted by Carol Everett, Alveda King and others.

Includes two DVDs:

Disc One features the full 1 hour 46 minute production. Disc Two features a 60 minute abridged version plus 13 additional segments totaling 1 hour 30 minutes.

This is an All Region DVD (playable in any locale on any player)
Participant's guide for Part I of the Symbolon series, "Knowing the Faith"
Symbolon Part II: Living the Faith: Participant's Guide Crossing the Goal : On the Road Eucharist (DVD)
Crossing the Goal : On the Road
Gloria Deo Price: $24.99
Eucharist (DVD)
Gloria Deo Price: $29.95
Participant's guide for Part II of the Symbolon series, "Living the Faith" Abramowicz, Da Fr. Barron offers inspiring insights into the mystery of Christ's presence in our lives and the centrality of the Eucharist as an important part of that presence.
Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness Conversion: Following the Call of Christ Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues
Our ultimate goal is to be a saint. It is our greatest calling and what is desired for us by our Creator.

Father Robert Barron paints a beautiful and mysterious image of what it takes to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
Six stories of conversion from the Gospels as told by Father Robert Barron. The common theme in each story is the turning of all one's attention and energy toward an ever deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Join Father Robert Barron for this engaging presentation concerning the Seven Deadly Sins, those great spiritual blocks that inhibit our flourishing in relationship with God and one another.

But that's not all! Father Barron shows us how to counteract these seven sinful patterns through a conscious process of opposition, which are the Seven Lively Virtues.
Crossing the Goal : Virtues Our Father's Plan (1996) Symbolon Part I: Knowing the Faith: Leader's Guide
Crossing the Goal : Virtues
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Our Father's Plan (1996)
Gloria Deo Price: $39.95
Abramowicz, Da This thirteen program series from EWTN TV, featuring Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins, walks through salvation history from Genesis to the Catholic Church using the chronological narrative of the Bible. Leader's guide for Part I of the Symbolon series, "Knowing the Faith"
Symbolon Part II: Living the Faith: Leader's Guide Priest, Prophet, King: 2-DVD Set Symbolon Part I: Knowing the Faith: 5-DVD Set
Priest, Prophet, King: 2-DVD Set
Gloria Deo Price: $59.95
Leader's guide for Part II of the Symbolon series, "Living the Faith" The better we understand Jesus, the better we understand ourselves. But who was Jesus, this itinerant preacher whom many called the Messiah? In Priest, Prophet, King, you’ll discover Jesus as the Anointed One–the ultimate priest, prophet, and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Father Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament. Part I of the Symbolon series, "Knowing the Faith"
Symbolon Part II: Living the Faith: 5-DVD Set Catholicism: 5-DVD Set True Beauty: YDisciple Complete Package for Leaders
Catholicism: 5-DVD Set
Gloria Deo Price: $99.99
Part II of the Symbolon series, "Living the Faith" For the first time, in breathtaking, high-definition cinematography, the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith are illustrated in a rich, multimedia experience. The True Beauty series discusses the themes of chastity, love, fellowship, and relationships in the everyday lives of young women. These 4-DVD studies are intended to be led by an adult who can facilitate discussion and faith sharing using video resources and leader materials.