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Rosary of Pope John Paul II, The: A Compendium of the Gospel My Pocket Rosary Pray the Rosary
My Pocket Rosary
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Pray the Rosary
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The Rosary of Pope John Paul II explains the development of the "mysteries of light" and includes a prayer guide for all twenty mysteries of the rosary. Those who cherish the rosary as a special prayer, as well as those who would like an introduction to this time-honored prayer tradition, will find inspiration and spiritual joy in The Rosary of Pope John Paul II. By Rev. J.M. Lelen, Ph.D.

This beautiful purse- or pocket-sized My Pocket Rosary by Catholic Book Publishing features a flexible, illustrated cover and reverent full-color illustrations. My Pocket Rosary, by Rev. J. M. Lelen, Ph.D., is a handy companion for the popular devotion to Our Lady. My Pocket Rosary is perfectly suited for both those who already recite the Rosary or those who wish to learn more about this wonderful devotion. Available individually, the conveniently-sized 72-page booklets also may be purchased in sets of 80 with a free display box for parish and group use.
By Rev. J. M. Lelen, Ph.D.

Pray the Rosary by Catholic Book Publishing is the most popular and comprehensive pocket-size Rosary booklet. With a flexible, illustrated blue cover and magnificent full-color illustrations of each Mystery, this Pray the Rosary by Rev. J. M. Lelen is ideal for praying Rosary Novenas, Family Rosaries, and the Five First Saturdays. Pray the Rosary is also perfectly suited for Private Recitation during quiet, personal prayer-time. Available individually, the conveniently-sized booklets also can be purchased in sets of 100 with a free display box for parish and group use.
Rosary, The: Roses of Prayer for the Queen of Heaven (Large Print) Holy Rosary Illustrated, The HOLY ROSARY
Holy Rosary Illustrated, The
Gloria Deo Price: $2.99
Gloria Deo Price: $3.99
The Rosary, Roses of Prayer for The Queen of Heaven, is a 64 page booklet measuring 5 X 7 inches explaining how to say the rosary. 4" x 6" The Mysteries of the Rosary, 32 pages Bonella artwork and Gold Stamped cover. By St. Josemaria Escriva

Most Catholics know how to recite the Holy Rosary. That's the problem. They can recite it, and it becomes boring and monotonous. How much more enriching is it when you know how to pray it!

"To say the Holy Rosary," says St. Josemaría, "considering the mysteries, repeating the Our Father and Hail Mary with the praises to the Blessed Trinity, and the constant invocation of the Mother of God, is a continuous act of faith, hope, and love, of adoration and reparation."

In this small book, St. Josemaría shows us how to overcome the monotony and routine usually associated with praying the Rosary. He portrays each Mystery with the illuminating eyes of faith— helping you become absorbed in contemplation when you pray—indeed, he shows you how to be with Our Lady when you pray.

Holy Rosary, first published in 1934, contains a series of short commentaries on the 15 mysteries of the rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious). It helps the reader enter more deeply into these scenes from the life of our Lord and his Blessed Mother.

This edition also includes the Luminous mysteries with an introductory note by Bishop Javier Echevarria, the 3rd prelate of Opus Dei. This book is small enough to carry with you everywhere and use whenever you have a moment to spend with Our Lady.
Understanding Mary, Undoer of Knots Pray the Rosary (Expanded Edition) Mysteries of the Rosary
Pray the Rosary (Expanded Edition)
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Mysteries of the Rosary
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
The knot of Eve's disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary.
-St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, c. 180

In 1700, German painter Johann Schmittdner captured this beautiful task visually as "Maria Knotenlöserin," or "Mary, the Undoer of Knots." Almost 300 years later, an Argentinean priest named Jorge Mario Bergoglio was deeply moved by the image, and on his way to becoming the future Pope Francis, Fr. Bergoglio brought back to his native country what has since become a worldwide movement.

Learn the story behind this burgeoning devotion, see the original painting that inspired it, and pray the prayers and novena that have come from it. Inspired by the service and humility of Pope Francis, this new novena to the Undoer of Knots could very well change your life by first changing your heart.

Alan Schreck, Ph.D.
Censor Librorum

+Most Rev. Jeffrey M. Monforton
Bishop of Steubenville
This new, expanded version of the tremendously popular Pray the Rosary by Catholic Book Publishing offers the traditional shorter devotion as well as a longer devotion which includes Scriptural texts. This extended edition of Pray the Rosary is designed to provide a greater context for praying the Mysteries of the Blessed Mother and Jesus, her Son. The additional text, which can also be used as alternative text, enhances the celebration of the Rosary by focusing more deeply on the Mysteries. This 112-page Pray the Rosary has an illustrated flexible cover and is available individually or in sets of 60 with a free display box for parish and group use.
Rosary Litany , A Pieta Prayer Book Our Lady of Guadalupe: A New Interpretation of the Story, Apparitions, and Image
Rosary Litany , A
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Pieta Prayer Book
Gloria Deo Price: $5.25
Edward Looney

Experience the wonder of the mysteries like never before with A Rosary Litany. Simple phrases within each Hail Mary describe Jesus -

   Jesus, announced by the angel Gabriel
   Jesus, born for us in Bethlehem
   Jesus, risen from the dead

And his mother -

   Mother of God, standing at the foot of the Cross
   Mother of God, who held the child Jesus
   Mother of God, who kept these things in her heart

The suggested invocations can be used privately or in public recitation of the Rosary. Through this little book you will discover a new richness in the Rosary and grow closer to Christ through Mary.
Best-selling prayer book. The appearances of Our Lady of Guadalupe coincide with the birth of Hispanic culture in America and the evangelization of the continent. Written by one of the most recognized experts on themes associated with Guadalupe, this book carefully explains the symbols and signs contained in the Aztec narrative Nican Mopohua and the image of her. This work celebrates and encourages Latinos to accept with pride their Christian heritage and the mix of cultures that live in the deepest part of their life.
Secret Of Mary Magnificat Rosary Companion, The Secret Of The Rosary
Secret Of Mary
Gloria Deo Price: $5.95
Magnificat Rosary Companion, The
Gloria Deo Price: $5.99
Secret Of The Rosary
Gloria Deo Price: $6.95
By St. Louis de Montfort

A short, famous classic on "true devotion to Mary"--an excellent, easy means of attaining holiness and salvation, a way followed by Popes and Saints, but also perfect for lay people. It is at least every bit as good as his True Devotion to Mary! Small but powerful--seems almost divinely inspired!
This beautiful little Rosary booklet from Magnificat is a complete resource for praying the Rosary. Easy to use and lush with brilliant color illustrations, it includes original and rich meditations on all 20 mysteries of the Rosary, including the “Luminous” mysteries.

The Magnificat Rosary Companion is full of insightful catechetical and spiritual essays on key aspects of the Rosary by renowned writers. It includes step-by-step directions on how to pray the Rosary with all the special Rosary prayers, with new concluding prayers for each mystery. A special section gives commentary on the Holy Father’s apostolic letter on the Rosary. Perfect for teaching children and those new to the faith, and suited for private or communal recitation and study of the Rosary.
By St. Louis de Montfort

Probably the finest book ever written about the Rosary; appeals to all ages. Shows the great spiritual power of the Rosary, which is appreciated by few. Tells why the Rosary is the most important private prayer. Canon William says of De Montfort's book, "It goes far beyond mere research. We might say that it contains everything that can be said about the Rosary -- its content and form, its real worth, about the instruction necessary for its appreciation and use."
Pieta Prayer Book : Large Print The Mystery of the Rosary Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary According to St. Louis Marie de Montfort
Pieta Prayer Book : Large Print
Gloria Deo Price: $7.00
The Mystery of the Rosary
Gloria Deo Price: $7.00
English Edition Total Consecration - St. Louis Marie de Montfort - a guide to help one prepare before entering fully into the way of Marian spirituality.
Imitation of Mary, The Queen of Heaven: Our Lady of Good H Secret of the Rosary , The
Imitation of Mary, The
Gloria Deo Price: $8.95
Secret of the Rosary , The
Gloria Deo Price: $9.00
By Thomas à Kempis

The Imitation of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an excellent companion volume to the beloved and highly esteemed book, Imitation of Christ. In this Imitation of Mary, culled from the deeply spiritual works of Thomas a Kempis, the reader is treated to beautiful writings about Our Lady set forth in the style of the Imitation of Christ. He offers the reader a splendid way to grow in following Jesus through imitating His Blessed Mother. With an attractive gold stamped, blue cloth cover and stained edges, this 144-page Imitation of Mary is a profoundly spiritual road map for readers who wish to travel with Mary and Jesus.
Albright, Judi By St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

The Secret of the Rosary by Catholic Book Publishing is a new, enlightening translation of the classic book by St. Louis Grignion de Montfort, the great Marian writer who nurtured Pope John Paul II's devotion to Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus. At 288 pages and with a beautifully illustrated, flexible cover, this new translation of The Secret of the Rosary is printed in large, easy-to-read type. This inspiring book will enhance the personal devotion or make a wonderful gift for anyone seeking to become closer to Our Lady.
Send Me Your Guardian Angel : Padre Rosary Novenas to Our Lady Including the Mysteries of Light: Large Print True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
Parente, Aless Large Print Edition DeMontfort, Lo
Linking Your Beads : The Rosary's H Theological Message Of Guadalupe Glories Of Czestochowa And Jasna Go
Theological Message Of Guadalupe
Gloria Deo Price: $9.95
Kasten, Patric Alday, Salvado Our Lady Of Cz
Rosary Meditations From Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Loving Jesus With the Heart of Mary - Eucharistic Meditations on the Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary Following Mary To Jesus : Our Lady Mary's Life in the Spirit : Meditat
Following Mary To Jesus : Our Lady
Gloria Deo Price: $10.95
Mary's Life in the Spirit : Meditat
Gloria Deo Price: $10.95
Perfect devotional booklet for anyone making a Eucharistic Holy Hour. Apostoli, Andr Montague, Geor