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Pocket Prayer Book , The My Pocket Prayer Book St. Joseph Pocket Prayer Book
Pocket Prayer Book , The
Gloria Deo Price: $1.25
My Pocket Prayer Book
Gloria Deo Price: $1.95
St. Joseph Pocket Prayer Book
Gloria Deo Price: $1.95
By Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.

My Pocket Prayer Book by Catholic Book Publishing is filled with essential prayers. Small enough to carry anywhere for easy use, My Pocket Prayer Book contains daily prayers, prayers for the Sacraments of Confession and Communion, and meaningful prayers for each day of the week. This treasure trove of prayer has a flexible, brown cover and can be purchased individually or in boxed sets of 120 for group or parish use.
By Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy

By acclaimed author Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy, the Saint Joseph Pocket Prayer Book by Catholic Book Publishing is a handy pocket- or purse-sized prayer book that will delight all those who pray or want to. With glorious full-color illustrations, this Saint Joseph Pocket Prayer Book offers a variety of favorite Catholic prayers including Daily Prayers, Prayers to the Saints, Prayers of the Saints, Psalms, and Litanies. This 64-page resource also provides Devotions including the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross among others. Available individually or in boxed sets of 80 for group and parish use, the Saint Joseph Pocket Prayer Book is a tremendous resource.
Daily Devotions for Advent 2018 ( Living Gospel ) My Little Prayer Book My Little Book of Prayers : Mary
My Little Prayer Book
Gloria Deo Price: $1.99
My Little Book of Prayers : Mary
Gloria Deo Price: $1.99
Greg Kandra

An award-winning journalist, blogger, and deacon offers prayerful guidance from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas Day through a daily reflection on the gospel reading, a focused spiritual exercise, and a brief prayer that sums up the day's theme and asks for God's blessing.
Sullivan, Mich
Comprehensive book with 65 pages of the most popular Catholic prayers with beautiful Bonella art illustrations.

Pocket Size. 2.75" x 3.5"
New book of Prayers featuring Marian Prayers with beautiful Bonella art

2.75" x 3.5" 64 pages
My Little Book of Prayers : Jesus Holy Rosary Illustrated , The Devotion to the Holy Face
My Little Book of Prayers : Jesus
Gloria Deo Price: $1.99
Holy Rosary Illustrated , The
Gloria Deo Price: $2.99
Devotion to the Holy Face
Gloria Deo Price: $3.00
This delightful little prayer book contains the most popular prayers to Our Lord and is wonderfully illustrated with the classic religious art images from Bonella Italia. A perfect size for one's shirt pocket or purse!

3.5'' 64 pages
4" x 6" The Mysteries of the Rosary, 32 pages Bonella artwork and Gold Stamped cover. By Mary Frances Lester

The devotion to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and particularly to His Holy Face is one of the oldest in the Christian tradition. This venerable devotion was practiced by such great saints as St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Gertrude the Great, St. Mechtilde, St. Edmund, St. Bonaventure and St. Therese of Lisieux.

Beginning in 1844, Our Lord appeared to Sr. Mary of St. Peter and expressed His desire that whole world should know and practice this devotion in reparation for man's blasphemy. Through the efforts of Sr. Mary St. Peter, Ven. Leo DuPont and countless others, this devotion has become one of the most loved, and remains one of the most needed in our time.

Eternal Father, we offer Thee the Adorable Face of Thy Well Beloved Son for the honor and glory of Thy Holy Name and for the salvation of all men. Prayer of Pope Blsd. Pius IX
Praying The Rosary Hour With Jesus 2 Good Use of Time: 11 Principles to Live By
Praying The Rosary
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
Hour With Jesus 2
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
Hoagland, Vict A philosopher and teacher looks back on life in terms of how well time was used and how well it could have been used. Rather than a simplistic, practical advice, the author instead analyzes time in a more philosophical manner. For example, themes covered range from “he has more who needs less” and “Urgent Things Can Wait” to “Put Your Heart into It” and “Make Haste Slowly”. It forces the reader to think about the use of time in order to make time count for more than just its passage as one has come to understand it.
Understanding Mary, Undoer of Knots Divine Mercy Explained Devotion to the Sacred Heart
Divine Mercy Explained
Gloria Deo Price: $3.99
Devotion to the Sacred Heart
Gloria Deo Price: $4.00
The knot of Eve's disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary.
-St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, c. 180

In 1700, German painter Johann Schmittdner captured this beautiful task visually as "Maria Knotenlöserin," or "Mary, the Undoer of Knots." Almost 300 years later, an Argentinean priest named Jorge Mario Bergoglio was deeply moved by the image, and on his way to becoming the future Pope Francis, Fr. Bergoglio brought back to his native country what has since become a worldwide movement.

Learn the story behind this burgeoning devotion, see the original painting that inspired it, and pray the prayers and novena that have come from it. Inspired by the service and humility of Pope Francis, this new novena to the Undoer of Knots could very well change your life by first changing your heart.

Alan Schreck, Ph.D.
Censor Librorum

+Most Rev. Jeffrey M. Monforton
Bishop of Steubenville
This booklet from bestselling author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Consoling the Heart of Jesus and 33 Days to Morning Glory), gives you a brief and easy-to-understand introduction to the Divine Mercy message and devotion. You'll read about the history and context of Divine Mercy, the essential elements of the devotion, and how you can live the message. Includes the full prayers of the Divine Mercy Novena and St. Faustina's Litany to Divine Mercy, as well as two bonus appendices: valuable Divine Mercy prayers and Divine Mercy wisdom from Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. By Mary Frances Lester

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a powerful little booklet filled with many of the treasures to be found in the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Besides containing an explanation of the symbolism found within the Image of the Sacred Heart, it also includes explanations of the 9 First Fridays devotion, known as The Great Promise, the miraculous cure of St. Gemma Galgani as well as many profound exhortations to offer reparation to the Sacred Heart.

Authoritative and moving, Our Lord instituted this devotion Himself, saying: " I set neither limit nore measure to My gifts of grace for those who seek them in My heart."

In our age of religious indifference, when fervor and charity have grown cold, Jesus exhibits to the world His Sacred Heart as the symbol of God's infinite love showing His Divine Heart as a furnace whose burning rays of love are able to reanimate faith and rekindle love in hearts grown cold and ungrateful pg. 4-5
Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother Favorite Prayers to Our Lady Pocket Book of Catholic Novenas
Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Favorite Prayers to Our Lady
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Pocket Book of Catholic Novenas
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Many Catholics are unaware of our holy traditions on and powerful devotions to the Sorrows of Mary. Based on Scripture and the lives of the Saints, this little book will open eyes and hearts to the Sorrows of Our Lady. By Mary Frances Lester

All of the most well known prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary are contained in this new complete booklet, Favorite Prayers to Our Lady. The perfect size to carry always, its daily use will aid your devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Perfect for those faithful with a lifelong devotion to Mary, as well as for those who are just beginning to ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede on their behalf.

Includes How to pray the Rosary, how to practice the First Saturday Devotion, Rosary meditations of St. L. De Montfort, Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christmas Prayer, the powerful Thirty Days Prayer, Fatima Prayers, the Rosary in Latin, Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and so much more!

St Louis de Montfort, in the introduction to his famous work, True Devotion to Mary, exclaimed: We must still say with the saints: De Maria numquam satis : We have still not praised, exalted, honoured, loved and served Mary adequately. She is worthy of even more praise, respect, love and service.
By Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.

The Pocket Book of Catholic Novenas from Catholic Book Publishing is an important volume in the St. Joseph Edition Pocket Book Series. Designed to help the reader pray frequently and more fully accept the rich resource of God's grace, the Pocket Book of Catholic Novenas contains many of the most widely prayed novenas, including those to the Sacred Heart, Miraculous Medal, St. Joseph and St. Theresa. This highly affordable and portable book has a flexible cover for easy and repeated use.
Favorite Indulgenced Prayers Serenity Meditations : Prayers for Armed Forces Prayer Book : Catholic
Favorite Indulgenced Prayers
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Serenity Meditations : Prayers for
List Price: $4.95
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Armed Forces Prayer Book : Catholic
List Price: $4.95
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
By Anthony M. Buono

Favorite Indulgenced Prayers is the latest in Catholic Book Publishing's Favorite Prayers series. By Catholic Book Publishing author, Anthony M. Buono, Favorite Indulgenced Prayers offers 192 pages of the finest prayers from both the new and the old editions of the Enchiridion of Indulgences. Prayers are offered in sense lines and large type for easier reading and comprehension. With a flexible illustrated cover, this latest in the popular Favorite Prayers series is perfectly-sized for purse or pocket and is printed and illustrated in two colors.
Includes 30 days of meditations and prayers based on the 12 Steps to help our readers on the path of serenity and recovery from addictions and anxiety. We also offer healing scriptures as well as prayers to patron saints of recovery, such as Venerable Matt Talbot, Patron of Alcoholics. 96 pages.

Prayer is an essential part of our everyday lives and helps keep us focused on our relationship with God. Our collection of treasured Catholic books was written especially for those readers dedicated to living by the spirit of their faith.
Prayer is an essential part of our everyday lives and helps keep us focused on our relationship with God. Jesus calls us to pray always and to abide in Him. This line of distinctly Catholic 96-page books from Aquinas Press offers timeless and contemporary prayers framed with sacred art to inspire and renew readers dedicated to living by the spirit of their faith.

Newly revised to include the New Mass, our Armed Forces Prayer Book features prayers and devotions to nourish and strengthen the faith of our military personnel at home or overseas.
Gift of Joy: The Blessing of the Child in the Womb Year with Pope Francis, A: Daily Reflections from His Writings The Handy Little Guide to Adoration
By Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz and Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield

The presence of new life in the womb of the mother brings unique joy and hope to the center of our families, our Church and our world. It is the ultimate gift. At this very same moment when God created your child, He also created you as a mother and as a father.

This is an incredible new beginning as the gift of life is already unfolding and Christ rejoices with you in the moment.

Your child has, along with God, not only given you a gift … but an invitation as well -- an invitation to grow in your faith, an invitation to accept the support of your parish community and an invitation to more fully embrace your relationship with Christ.

Gift of Joy is part of that invitation -- a tiny treasure to help you celebrate and understand your unique role as a parent and recipient of God's gift of life. It also introduces you to the experience of the blessing of the Church through the special Blessing of the Child in the Womb.

God is moving in your life in a remarkable way, no matter where you are on your faith journey or how many obstacles or opportunities you are facing in the world. Embrace this gift of joy and accept His invitation to grow closer to Him and the Church.

A great little pocket-sized devotional. Working mom Michelle Schroeder knows how busy we all are, so she packs a lot of info into this brief, easy-to-read booklet.

You will not only explore the nuts and bolts of Eucharistic Adoration but also discover great reasons and times to enter into the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, including when you need focus in prayer and when you just feel the need to be with Jesus.

In The Handy Little Guide to Adoration you will learn, as Michelle did, the life-changing benefits of Eucharistic Adoration.
Rosary Litany , A Jesus and the Women of Faith, Hope, and Love Prayers For Expectant Parents
Rosary Litany , A
Gloria Deo Price: $4.95
Prayers For Expectant Parents
Gloria Deo Price: $5.00
Edward Looney

Experience the wonder of the mysteries like never before with A Rosary Litany. Simple phrases within each Hail Mary describe Jesus -

   Jesus, announced by the angel Gabriel
   Jesus, born for us in Bethlehem
   Jesus, risen from the dead

And his mother -

   Mother of God, standing at the foot of the Cross
   Mother of God, who held the child Jesus
   Mother of God, who kept these things in her heart

The suggested invocations can be used privately or in public recitation of the Rosary. Through this little book you will discover a new richness in the Rosary and grow closer to Christ through Mary.
Come to a deeper understanding of the transforming love of God through these guided reflections on the encounters between Jesus and three women in the Gospels.
Pieta Prayer Book Pieta Prayer Book Spanish ASAP: Ages, Stages, and Phases: From Infancy To Adolescence, Integrating Physical, Social, Moral, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual Development
Pieta Prayer Book
Gloria Deo Price: $5.25
Pieta Prayer Book Spanish
Gloria Deo Price: $5.25
Best-selling prayer book. Spanish Editio The basic premise of the book "is to better understand child development so that we can minister to the children and their families." Ages, Stages and Phases incorporates the most widely accepted developmental theories of major well-known psychologists and physicians in a simple, straightforward presentation intended for all readers.