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Crucifix 4-in Black Wood Silver Cap Crucifix - 4.25" Black (Nickel Bound) Crucifix - 3.5" Black with Inlay
Crucifix - 3.5" Black with Inlay
Gloria Deo Price: $8.99
4.25" Black Crucifix with Silver Corpus 3.5" Gold Plated Black Inlay Crucifix
Crucifix 4-in Brown Wood Silver Cap Crucifix - 5" with Small Stone Crucifix - Wood (4")
Crucifix - 5" with Small Stone
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
Crucifix - Wood (4")
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
4.5" Olive wood Crucifix with Stone Relic and Silver-colored Corpus. 4", dark brown crucifix
Crucifix 4-in Silver with Black Inlay Cross Comfort Crucifix Nightlight - Assorted
Cross Comfort
Gloria Deo Price: $10.99
Crucifix Nightlight - Assorted
Gloria Deo Price: $11.99
If you wake up in the night, you may find spiritual comfort with this LED crucifix nightlight. This inspirational nightlight has a clear acrylic crucifix sitting on a white resin base with a metal corpus attached.
5 ½" Oxidized Silver Crucifix - Papal Crucifix Hand Crucifix 4-in Blue Epoxy Crucifix - 5.5"
Hand Crucifix 4-in
Gloria Deo Price: $16.99
Blue Epoxy Crucifix - 5.5"
Gloria Deo Price: $16.99
5 ½" Fine Italian Papal Crucifix Child's Wall Crucifix
7" Nickel Cross - Praying Boy Crucifix - 8.5" Natural Corpus Crucifix - 8.5" Silver Antique
7" Nickel Cross - Praying Boy
Gloria Deo Price: $18.99
Crucifix - 8.5" Natural Corpus
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Crucifix - 8.5" Silver Antique
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
7" Silver Plated Brass Cross with Pewter Praying Boy Crucifix
Resin/Stone Mix
From The Joseph's Studio Collection

Wall crosses feature an antique silver finish
Crucifix - 8.5" Antique Gold Silver Crucifix Wall Cross Celtic
Crucifix - 8.5" Antique Gold
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Silver Crucifix
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Wall Cross Celtic
Gloria Deo Price: $22.99
Antique look crucifix is richly detailed.
Made of a resin/stone mix, the cross has a wood look and the corpus is gold.
Crucifix St. Benedict Two-Tone 10.25-inch Wall Cross Irish Celtic Crucifix - 8.5" Standing
Wall Cross Irish Celtic
Gloria Deo Price: $24.99
Crucifix - 8.5" Standing
Gloria Deo Price: $25.99
Made of a resin-stone mix, measures 10 1/4" high. 8½" standing crucifix. This beautiful crucifix from Joseph's Studio is made of a resin stone mix and is traditionally colored.
Crucifix - 7.5" Maple Crucifix - 13.5" Antique Silver Wall Crucifix
Crucifix - 7.5" Maple
Gloria Deo Price: $26.99
Crucifix - 13.5" Antique Silver
Gloria Deo Price: $27.99
Wall Crucifix
Gloria Deo Price: $27.99
Fine hardwood crucifix with Salerni corpus, hand finished and presented in a satin-lined gift box. From Devon Trading. This crucifix is made of a resin-stone mix and is hand painted. The cross is detailed to look like real wood and the corpus is painted to look like antiqued silver.
Gold Cross on Stand Crucifix - 13.75" Last Supper Wall Cross (10")
Gold Cross on Stand
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Crucifix - 13.75"
Gloria Deo Price: $31.99
Last Supper Wall Cross (10")
Gloria Deo Price: $31.99
Joseph's Studios Resin/stone mix 13.75" high wall crucifix. 10" Resin/Stone Mix
"I Am the Bread of Life" John 6:35
Evangelist Crucifix (10") Cross Wall - San Damiano Crucifix - 14" Antique Gold
Evangelist Crucifix (10")
Gloria Deo Price: $31.99
Cross Wall - San Damiano
Gloria Deo Price: $34.99
Crucifix - 14" Antique Gold
Gloria Deo Price: $34.99
The crucifix depicts the traditional images or emblems for the Four Evangelists on the ends:
  • St. Matthew (angel)
  • St. Mark (winged lion)
  • St. Luke (winged bull)
  • St. John (eagle)
This piece has been meticulously hand-painted by highly skilled artisans with rich coloring and detail
Comes ready-to-hang
Comes gift boxed
Handsome corpus on this crucifix has an antiqued gold finish.

Measuring 13.75" in length, the cross and corpus on this crucifix is cast fully in a resin and stone composition and comes with a cast hanger.