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Crucifix 4-in Black Wood Silver Cap Crucifix - 4.25" Black (Nickel Bound) Crucifix - 3.5" Black with Inlay
Crucifix - 3.5" Black with Inlay
Gloria Deo Price: $8.99
4.25" Black Crucifix with Silver Corpus 3.5" Gold Plated Black Inlay Crucifix
Crucifix 4-in Brown Wood Silver Cap Crucifix - 5" with Small Stone Crucifix - Wood (4")
Crucifix - 5" with Small Stone
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
Crucifix - Wood (4")
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
4.5" Olive wood Crucifix with Stone Relic and Silver-colored Corpus. 4", dark brown crucifix
Crucifix 4-in Silver with Black Inlay Cross Comfort 5 ½" Oxidized Silver Crucifix - Papal Crucifix
Cross Comfort
Gloria Deo Price: $10.99
5 ½" Fine Italian Papal Crucifix
Crucifix Nightlight - Assorted Hand Crucifix 4-in Blue Epoxy Crucifix - 5.5"
Crucifix Nightlight - Assorted
Gloria Deo Price: $11.99
Hand Crucifix 4-in
Gloria Deo Price: $16.99
Blue Epoxy Crucifix - 5.5"
Gloria Deo Price: $16.99
If you wake up in the night, you may find spiritual comfort with this LED crucifix nightlight. This inspirational nightlight has a clear acrylic crucifix sitting on a white resin base with a metal corpus attached. Child's Wall Crucifix
Crucifix - 8.5" Natural Corpus 7" Nickel Cross - Praying Boy Crucifix - 8.5" Silver Antique
Crucifix - 8.5" Natural Corpus
Gloria Deo Price: $17.99
7" Nickel Cross - Praying Boy
Gloria Deo Price: $18.99
Crucifix - 8.5" Silver Antique
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Resin/Stone Mix
7" Silver Plated Brass Cross with Pewter Praying Boy From The Joseph's Studio Collection

Wall crosses feature an antique silver finish
Crucifix - 8.5" Antique Gold Crucifix St. Benedict Two-Tone 10.25-inch Crucifix - 8.5" Standing
Crucifix - 8.5" Antique Gold
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Crucifix - 8.5" Standing
Gloria Deo Price: $25.99
Antique look crucifix is richly detailed.
Made of a resin/stone mix, the cross has a wood look and the corpus is gold.
Made of a resin-stone mix, measures 10 1/4" high. 8½" standing crucifix. This beautiful crucifix from Joseph's Studio is made of a resin stone mix and is traditionally colored.
Crucifix - 7.5" Maple Crucifix - 13.5" Antique Silver Crucifix - 14" Antique Gold
Crucifix - 7.5" Maple
Gloria Deo Price: $26.99
Crucifix - 13.5" Antique Silver
Gloria Deo Price: $27.99
Crucifix - 14" Antique Gold
Gloria Deo Price: $27.99
Fine hardwood crucifix with Salerni corpus, hand finished and presented in a satin-lined gift box. From Devon Trading. This crucifix is made of a resin-stone mix and is hand painted. The cross is detailed to look like real wood and the corpus is painted to look like antiqued silver. Handsome corpus on this crucifix has an antiqued gold finish.

Measuring 13.75" in length, the cross and corpus on this crucifix is cast fully in a resin and stone composition and comes with a cast hanger.
Crucifix - 13.75" Last Supper Wall Cross (10") Evangelist Crucifix (10")
Crucifix - 13.75"
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Last Supper Wall Cross (10")
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Evangelist Crucifix (10")
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Joseph's Studios Resin/stone mix 13.75" high wall crucifix. 10" Resin/Stone Mix
"I Am the Bread of Life" John 6:35
The crucifix depicts the traditional images or emblems for the Four Evangelists on the ends:
  • St. Matthew (angel)
  • St. Mark (winged lion)
  • St. Luke (winged bull)
  • St. John (eagle)
Crucifix - Holy Trinity (10.25") Cross Wall - San Damiano Crucifix - Cimabue Florentine (10.25")
Crucifix - Holy Trinity (10.25")
Gloria Deo Price: $29.99
Cross Wall - San Damiano
Gloria Deo Price: $34.99
A beautiful crucifix of the Holy Trinity. It is 10.25" in height and made out of resin/stone mix. This piece has been meticulously hand-painted by highly skilled artisans with rich coloring and detail
Comes ready-to-hang
Comes gift boxed
This resin crucifix from Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection is beautifully detailed. The Blessed Mother is shown at Jesus' right hand and the Beloved Apostle appears on His left. The top of the crucifix features a pelican piercing her breast to feed her young, representing Jesus' sacrifice for us.
Twelve Apostles Crucifix (12") Crucifix - 11" Walnut (Red Finish) Crucifix - 8" All Silver Two-Tone Crucifix
Twelve Apostles Crucifix (12")
Gloria Deo Price: $34.99
Crucifix - 11" Walnut (Red Finish)
Gloria Deo Price: $36.99
The crucifix depicts all 12 Apostles on the four ends of the crucifix. 11" Walnut Cross with Silver Corpus 8" All Silver Crucifix