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Catholic Religion Proved by Protestant Bible Apologetics Concordance (Bible Chea Apparitions of Mary: Their Meaning in History
For apologetics classes and personal study, this pamphlet includes quotes from the King James Bible that prove the authenticity of the Catholic Church. Burnham, Jim By Donal Foley

Many shrines throughout the world are associated with Mary, the Mother of God. What meaning do her apparently random apparitions have? This booklet sets out the links that exist between the nine major apparitions of Mary, accepted as authentic by the Church, and correspondingly important ‘revolutionary’ events in modern Western history. Fascinating parallels are also drawn between these apparitions (Guadalupe 1531, Rue du Bac 1830, La Salette 1846, Lourdes 1858, Pontmain 1871, Knock 1879, Fatima 1917, Beauraing 1932 and Banneax 1933) and various biblical figures and events. Donal Foley has summarized this text for CTS from a larger and more detailed study.
John Henry Newman: Apostle to the Doubtful Mother Teresa G.K. Chesterton
Mother Teresa
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
G.K. Chesterton
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
By Meriol Trevor and Léonie Caldecott

Eminent Victorian, academic and thinker, Anglican clergyman and celebrated convert, caring pastor and writer, Catholic priest, and Cardinal - these are some of the signposts along Newman’s celebrated journey. This refreshing biography reveals a very real and compassionate man who was much more than a writer and polemicist. As a pastor, priest and friend he offered lasting counsel to many people and truly lived out the demands of the Gospel. Newman faced the challenge of his times: rationalism and doubt. In today’s climate of scepticism and polarization, his struggle to maintain a dialogue with the world about him, stands as a beacon of sanity and balance for all who seek the truth.
By Jim Gallagher

As Agnes Bojaxhiu left her home in Albania to join the missionary Loreto Sisters in Ireland, she began a journey which would make her one of the most famous women of the twentieth century. Jim Gallagher recounts her life of openness to God and of service to those whom the world considered worthless. From her care for the dying in the streets of Calcutta to her defence of the unborn in the West, her life shows the power of true holiness and heroic Christian witness.
By Karl Schmude

Chesterton was a convert to Catholicism and a prolific novelist, critic, bio rapher, journalist. Above all he was a defender of the faith and common sense which he saw in everything natural and good. He debated the great questions that have always preoccupied human beings with other great minds such as George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells. But what transpires from the flamboyance and humour of his poetry and prose is a man in love with life and with God, constantly putting his intellect at the service of ordinary men and of an extraordinary God.
Message of St. Therese of Lisieux, The: The Little Way of an Unknown Carmelite Nun who became a Doctor of the Church Rule of Life, A: For Daily Christian Living Explaining Islam: Islam from a Catholic Perspective
By Msgr. Vernon Johnson

Thérèse died a painful and lingering death of tuberculosis in her French convent in the Normandy town of Lisieux in 1897, at only twenty-four years of age. Thousands of soldiers in the First World War trenches carried her picture to their own deaths. This acclaimed booklet sets out what Thérèse called her Little Way and powerfully reveals the relevance of the Gospel to everyday living.
By Fr. Michale Woodgate

Amid the busyness of the modern world, a personal Rule of Life can be invaluable, to help us have regular contact with God each day, week, month and season. This rule will assist you in acquiring good habits for living as a Christian, and so to love and serve God and your neighbor. The author draws deeply on the experience of Christians over the ages to map out the rule.
By J. M. Gaskell

There are over one billion Muslims in the world today. In Britain Muslims now outnumber Methodists. This booklet examines the historical background to the rise of Islam in seventh century Arabia and its subsequent expansion throughout the Middle East, North Africa and much of Asia, as well as answering the most important questions about Islamic belief and practice from a Catholic perspective.
Role of a Christian Father, The Role of a Christian Mother, The Study Guide for Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith
Role of a Christian Father, The
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
Role of a Christian Mother, The
Gloria Deo Price: $3.95
By Keith Chappell

In a time when the very idea of the Christian family is being lost, the role of the father has been devalued to the point of seeming optional. This booklet looks at this most delicate but formative of relationships exploring it historically, and in the scriptures but also giving present-day examples and practical advice on how a father can lead his children and his family to fulfilment, happiness and faith.
By Anna Melchior

Being a mother is one of the most essential roles any woman can have, yet in today’s world it has become one of the lowest status occupations, undervalued and under-rewarded. After summarizing the incredible physical, psychological and intellectual challenges of motherhood, Anna Melchior goes on to describe the rewards and gives useful tips, reflections and  discussion which can help experienced Moms or Moms-to-be to value their role and its importance for the family, for society and for the Church.
Guides the individual or group through twelve easy lessons. Provides discussion questions and extra material from the Bible, Catechism, and early Church Fathers.
Beginning Apologetics 2.5 : Yes You New Evanglization: Passing on the Catholic Faith Today Beginning Apologetics 5: How to Answer Tough Moral Questions: Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia, Test-Tube Babies, Cloning and Sexual Ethics
Beginning Apologetics 2.5: Yes! You Should Believe in the Trinity: How to Answer Jehovah's Witnesses (Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham) refutes the Jehovah's Witnesses' attack on the Trinity and provides a clear, concise theology of the Trinity. 24 pages ($4.95) By Cardinal Donald Wuerl

"This is a new moment in the life of the Church, a new Pentecost. It's our turn now, to share the great gift we have been given, the gift of our Catholic faith, and renew the face of the earth." - Cardinal Donald Wuerl

For the first time since the term "New Evangelization" was coined by Blessed John Paul II, 250 bishops from all over the world were called to Rome by Pope Benedict XVI to discuss it, define it, and determine what it really means to Catholics today. In an exclusive first-hand summary of the three-week Synod, a leader of the gathering, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, provides a succinct, specific and tactical roadmap for where Catholics and parishes and dioceses go from here, including:

-What's the point? The three most important priorities of the New Evangelization
-What am I up against? The three "isms" that get in the way of sharing and growing the Faith
-What do I do? How to galvanize people around one simple truth of the Gospel message
-Where it all began: The four theological foundations of the New Evangelization
-Learning from the best: The four characteristics of great evangelizers

In addition to personal and group reflection questions at the end of every chapter, Cardinal Wuerl also shares his own personal faith sharing experiences with non-Catholics and Catholics alike and how the insight he gained shaped his own view of the New Evangelization. A must-read for all parish communities.
This book answers contemporary questions about contraception, abortion, divorce, euthanasia, living wills, cloning, and other ethical issues, using clear moral principles and the authoritative teachings of the Church.
Apologetica Elemental 1: Cómo Explicar y Defender la Fe Católica Beginning Apologetics 7: How to Read the Bible Beginning Apologetics 8: The End Times - What Catholics Believe about the Second Coming, the Rapture, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Indulgences
Da contestaciones biblicas claras a las objeciones mas comunes que hacen a los Catolicos sobre su fe. Le ayuda a explicar su fe claramente, a defenderla caritativamente, y a compartirla confiadamente. This book provides the basic tools to help read and interpret the Bible correctly. In addition, it shows how to refute effectively the errors of some modern biblical scholars. This booklet gives the basic teachings of the Catholic Church on the end times, and deals with some of the more common errors in this area.
Beginning Apologetics 6: How to Explain and Defend Mary Beginning Apologetics 1 : How to Ex Beginning Apologetics 2 : How to An
Answers the most common questions about Mary. Demonstrates the biblical basis for Catholic Marian beliefs and devotions. This latest, expanded edition includes 8 additional pages with extra pictures and charts throughout. Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain & Defend the Catholic Faith (Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham) gives clear, biblical answers to the most common objections Catholics get about their faith. Helps you explain your faith clearly, defend it charitably, and share it confidently. (40 pages) Beginning Apologetics 2: How to Answer Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons (Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham) targets the major beliefs of these two aggressive groups, and shows you how to refute them using Scripture, history, and common sense. Foreword by Patrick Madrid... 40 pages ($5.95)
Beginning Apologetics 3 : How to Ex Beginning Apologetics 4 : How to An Beginning Apologetics 3 (Spanish)
Beginning Apologetics 3 (Spanish)
Gloria Deo Price: $5.95
Beginning Apologetics 3: How to Explain and Defend the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham) proves the Catholic doctrine of the Real Presence from the Old and New Testament, early Church fathers, and history. Gives practical ways to increase your knowledge and love of Christ in the Eucharist. Foreword by Mark P. Shea. 40 pages Beginning Apologetics 4: How to Answer Atheists and New Agers (Father Frank Chacon & Jim Burnham) traces the roots of atheism and the New Age movement. Shows you how to refute their foundational beliefs using sound philosophy and common sense. 40 pages (
Beginning Apologetics 9: How to Ans Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions: Revised, Expanded, and Referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church Pocket Guide to Catholic Apologetics
Chacon, Frank This expanded edition of Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions has been updated in light of the changing social landscape and is written for Catholics as well as questioning Christian Fundamentalists. It offers clear, accurate, and easy-to-read answers to many questions that sincere Christians ask about the Catholic faith. By Patrick Madrid
Faith Charts : The Mass At A Glance Faith Charts : Catholicism at a Gla Faith Charts : The Bible at a Glanc
Aquilina, Mike Cleaveland, Ra Hahn, Scott