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Easter A-Z Activity Book Sacred Reading for Lent 2019 The Way of the Cross Journal for Children
Easter A-Z Activity Book
Gloria Deo Price: $1.95
Sacred Reading for Lent 2019
Gloria Deo Price: $2.00
A delightful activity book which features crossword puzzles, word finds, connect the dots, hidden pictures and many more engaging activities for hours of fun! Guides you through the daily gospel readings for Lent as well as readings for solemnities and feasts from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

A Way of the Cross for Children that invites reflection, prayer, and action in a beautiful journal format. Each step along the way, the reader encounters the story of Jesus' suffering and death in simple, kid-friendly language accompanied by vivid illustrations.
Lenten Healing: 40 Days to Set You Free from Sin Give Up Worry for Lent: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ Return: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation
Based on the popular spiritual healing program designed by Bob Schuchts and the John Paul II Healing Center, Lenten Healing offers a twist to traditional Lenten fasting: instead of giving up chocolate, give up your sin. "If you need a spiritual faith lift, pick up a copy of this little book and read it, pray with it, and share it. It will change the way you approach Easter—and might even change your life."
Deacon Greg Kandra
The Deacon's Bench
Fr. John Burns invites you to strip away your confusion, attachments, and sin so you can return to the Lord and undergo real and lasting conversion.
Restore: A Guided Lent Journal for Prayer and Meditation Resurrection Egg Set To the End: The Story of Sacrificial Love: Lenten Devotional
Resurrection Egg Set
Gloria Deo Price: $19.99
Take a healing journey with Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, as she helps you turn away from what wounds you and toward God who heals you and makes you whole. This set of 12 brightly colored plastic eggs crack open to reveal miniature symbols of Easter inside. From the popular "Blessed is She" apostolate, this 2019 devotional for Lent will help you examine seven characteristics of Christ's sacrificial love: vulnerability, generosity, courage, humility, faithfulness, surrender, presence.
Easter Story Egg, The
Easter Story Egg, The
Gloria Deo Price: $34.99
The Story Egg is a family activity that celebrates the true meaning of Easter. This family activity includes a hardcover book and 7 wooden nesting Eggs. The Story Egg book begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. Each Egg within the set of nesting Eggs has a rhyming story that relates to a particular day in Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday. As the children open each Egg they will discover the Easter story and the journey of Jesus through Holy week.

This book set can be experienced daily or in one sitting. It’s up to you!

The Story Egg Nesting Eggs include:
  • Palm Sunday
  • House of Prayer Monday
  • Teacher of Love Tuesday
  • Give and Take Wednesday
  • Last Supper Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Sunday