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God Chose You My Baptism Book Water, Come Down! (The Day You Were Baptized)
God Chose You
Gloria Deo Price: $9.99
My Baptism Book
Gloria Deo Price: $14.95
This book helps children understand how wonderful it is to be God's very own. The meaning of Baptism becomes comprehensible as children grow, learn its significance, and celebrate it. God Chose You communicates the meaning of this event in the life of the child of God. Great baptismal gift. Excellent tool for home and classroom. by Piper, Sophie

This delightful little book includes simple prayers that are easy to commit to memory and to say at bedtime, along with very simply expressed statements of Christian belief that are appropriate for the youngest of children.
Wangerin conveys how God's love and power are joined in the event of baptism as a dramatic entrance into the community of faith. Beautifully illustrated by Gerardo Suzan. The perfect gift for parents or children!
Today I Was Baptized God's Treasure : A Catholic Baby's My Baby Book : A Catholic Baby's Re
Today I Was Baptized
Gloria Deo Price: $19.95
God's Treasure : A Catholic Baby's
Gloria Deo Price: $21.00
My Baby Book : A Catholic Baby's Re
Gloria Deo Price: $21.95
Begins with a children’s story about a baby’s baptism day-told from the baby’s perspective! Includes short essays that explain the sacrament of Baptism. The book becomes a keepsake for this very special day allowing parents, godparents, and others to describe the day. A Catholic babys record book which records the spiritual and physical development of a child through 8th grade. 48 pages. Size: 8 x 11. Padded cover. Gift Boxed. A Catholic baby's record book. Record events in a childs' life from birth through Confirmation.
Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible ,
Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible ,
Gloria Deo Price: $21.95
Edited by Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P.
An ideal beginning bible for young Catholics from ages 6-9 % Includes a chapter on the Catholic Church
Personal and family history pages
4 1/2 x 6